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14 September 2021

À la vôtre À ta santé, Italy and France food and wine pairings

By Vert de Vin

À la vôtre
Italian wines paired with french cuisine: Chianti wine is as essential to Italian cuisine as extra virgin olive oil. The wine produced here is famous for earthy flavours that are high in tannins. Chianti pairs perfectly with red sauces for example Tomato-based sauces are fantastic, such as the French slow-simmered boeuf-bourguignon. French enjoy their apéro times and Pinot Grigio is an excellent choice for French apéro, also it could be a refreshing with seafood cooked in butter sauce such as scallops and other light flavoured fish meals. Barolo and fresh yet french dense cheese are made in heaven such as aged comet, and we dare not to miss Beaufort d’Été has been produced in Alpine region since 1èth century; previously known as Grovire. Now it’s produced only in summer, has a place among the most expensive in the world. The production is very limited.

French wines paired with Italian Cuisine: The choice could be fascinating and tempting to a wine lover or a gourmet. Let’s starts with basics and classics of both worlds: Bruschetta with a Saint Emilion red. Typically lavish, giving, warm and round in body, concentrated yet refined. Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes are a great match along with herbal flavours of your bruschetta. Ossobuco served over risotto is now appreciated the world over. We recommend enjoying this heart-warming, satisfying dish with fresh rosé or Bordeaux Clairet. These wines have roundness that married well the full-flavoured rich Ossobuco. Finally not Italian feast would be complete
without dessert, we love to pair refreshing Panna cotta with sweet white Bordeaux with some delicacy. Sauternes is the classis choice for dessert wines not to forget our well appreciated and tiramisu which could pair with light yet sinful layered dessert with Crémant de Bordeaux or Alsace Gewurztraminer for maximum satisfaction.

À ta santé
France is the world’s second largest wine consuming country after the united states and ahead of Italy. Also second largest wine producer with 16% of the world production and after Italy leading with 18% of the world production. France is leading in the export market with 33% of export. France remains the leader in export market however the country is losing in recent market. In 2020, nearly 225 million hectolitres of wine consumed in the world. Organic wine sales have doubled since 2012 and expected a double growth by 2022.


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash