Mixology is the art of creating cocktails by experimenting with blends of alcoholic drinks and other beverages, in addition to wine or spirits. Mixologists are considered to be artists of experimentation in taste capable of creating and reproducing unique sensory experiences through their drinks. In recent years, the art of mixing alcoholic beverages, which also finds space for wine, has fascinated bartenders and professionals all over the world in their continuous search for balanced flavours, thereby also helping to expand interest in the liveliest "fine drinking" sector.

Vinitaly is always attentive to trends in this sector and  now pays special attention to the Mixology, trend by creating a specific thematic area.  The four days of the trade fair 10-13 April 2022 will offer professional visitors a specific venue for master classes involving the most talented bartenders, reports dealing  with  the history of products, and high-level workshops where new cocktails will be invented based on wines, liqueurs and spirits.


14 master classes held by trend-setting bartenders will focus in the history of products and new trends, the history and evolution of aperitifs, the creation of new cocktails based on wines, liqueurs and spirits.
Before making your purchase, make sure you have an entrance ticket to the fair for the day the event of your interest.


L'Area Mixology ospiterà mercoledì 13 aprile alle ore 12:00 il consorso regionale AIBES Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige.


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